Saturday, December 13, 2008


True friends tell you when your writing stinks in a nice way! Thanks, to great feedback, I have rewritten the first chapter of "Unveiled" and I think it is MUCH better.

Check it our for yourself. The link is:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jack Klugman

I grew up with T.V. in the 70's. I loved and still love "The Odd Couple"! One of the satellite stations has put Felix and Oscar back to work as the lovable and hilarious "Odd Couple". If you haven't seen this show - you will want to catch it - sometime. You will LOL!

Watching the show, I knew Tony Randall had died, but it made me wonder about Jack Klugman. I thought he was probably in his 80's. Acording to Wikipedia he is 86. I hadn't realized though that his real life wife was Brett Somers who played his ex-wife Blanche on "The Odd Couple" They were married in 1953 until her death in 2007. Although, they were separated since 1974 - they were still married. WOW! After Brett died, he married Peggy Crosby in February of 2008 - who he has lived with since 1988.

Check out the Wikipedia page for more info on his career.
He is a GREAT actor in my book, I loved him in Quincy, Twilight Zone episodes, and he was great in "12 Angry Men".
Don't you just love the internet! If you ever think to yourself - I wonder what happened to ____? You're just a Google away! I do this often, so now I can share with my blog buddies - just in case you were wondering too!
Footnote: This pic (2005) and all the info was taken from Wikipedia.