Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Unveiling - My WEbook

I've finally committed to writing a book online. Check it out -and let me have it! Your critique that is....

Alzheimers, Dad & Me

Even though it is too late for my Dad, Al. I hope some husband, father, brother, son, will have a cure.

This is my Dad - Al. Handsome fellow still. Always the ladies man, with sparkling blue eyes and a light and fun personality - he is still a happy guy. He just doesn't know who the heck I am. His memories have disintegrated from this terrible disease. I still have mine though... I remember him and I will be seeing him this weekend. It is hard to see him but harder not to. I miss him.


Ok, I finally caved in! Anyone who knows me, knows I love to read and to write. I have been resisting the "Twilight" saga for quite some time because I thought the idea was a over done, but I have to say that I am now a FAN! Yes, I have read both the first and now finished the second book - "New Moon" and can't wait to borrow from my friend who has all 4 - instead I will run (well actually drive) to the store today, battle the mobs on "Black Friday" just to get my hands on "Eclipse". Yes, Edward has made it into my dreams! ARGHH! What power does Stephenie Meyer posess that can cause this OBSESSION! She has a really cool website by the way - Kudos Stephenie!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

David Conrad

Good news... I think. Check out this site
Hope is not lost!

New Pics

It is sooo cold here today! I think 17 degrees. BRRRR! Here are Lily and Lukei - two of my fur babies! These were taken a few days ago.
The thermosat is at 68 degrees and my fingers are almost too cold to type. I'm telling you it is COLD!
Ok, so I'm a creature of comfort....
Does anyone watch Ghost Whisperer? I am sooo upset. I knew, I just knew they were going to kill off Jim. I am sooo sad... and then they sorta reincarnated him? My guess is the actor who played Jim is leaving the they came up with this Original idea? I can't fathom this working. I hate it! Maybe next season she will wake up and this will all be a dream and Jim (with the original actor) will be back! I hope so.
I went on the GW website and everyone is pretty upset. Don't know if the show will survive this. We miss you Jim!
Tell me your ghost stories....I'll tell you mine. I have a real one do you?

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have been a Weight Watchers leader for almost a year now and I will be attending my first Innovations Conference in Louisville. From what I have been told, it is a really fun and inspiring awards lunch and conference to discuss new products and new member materials for 2009.

I have a great team partner in my receptionist Linda and we are making the trip together. I think we will have a great time and I will be able to bring back some good information for my members. I have a small group on Tuesday's nights but I think they have inspired me more than I have inspired them, so I am looking forward to bringing something fresh back to them.

Since joining WW, I have found that there is much more to why we gain weight than what we eat. It is for the most part what is beneath the need to eat the wrong foods or too much of any food. Anyone who finds themselves indulging in these behaviours should seek some kind of help. I like Weight Watchers because it worked for me, it addressed the whole me and not just what I put in my mouth. These behaviours are a sympton of the real problem. What are you not dealing with in your life that is exhibiting itself in these destructive behaviours. Food for thought.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Abandoned but Found

Recently I found an abandoned black kitten on my Mom's doorstep, which is a common occurrence now-a-days. My Mom is now the Mother Theresa of all stray and feral cats in her neighborhood. He appeared to be about 2-3 weeks old to me, too young to survive on his own, death would be imminent without intervention. My motherly instincts kicked in, and I swooped him up, took him inside and ran back out to buy a kitten bottle and kitten milk. Not being able to have any human babies of my own, this will be my closest experience with motherhood. I have always admired Mom's, both stay at home and working outside the home Mom's. Now, I really ADMIRE them.

One couldn't imaging the upset, one tiny kitten, and 3am feedings could cause! Heating the milk while meows get louder and more demanding. Diarrhea, Dr. Appt's, kitten sitters, weaning, not to mention Introduction into the family which meant keeping my Min-pin Lily from stalking and eating him to not upsetting my senior Pug, Lukei with a small creature trying to attack his nose, again and again. It was a rough few weeks but we have survived. I am happy to say that Boo Boo aka Anakin (our last name is Walker so my husband named him Anakin Sky Walker- hoping one day he will grow up to be Darth Vader, I suppose) is sleeping through the night, eating kitten food, and is now best buddies with Lily. However, he and Lukei haven't quite found a re pore, I hope it will come in time.

Having only been in our community for 3 years, I have come to realize that the people here are somewhat backward when it comes to humane treatment of animals. There are no feral cat laws here, lack of facilities, and the only shelter we have does not have a spay/neuter policy.

I have recently been invited to a local Humane Society meeting and am looking forward to seeing how I can help educate and inform. I have also talked to my Vet who sees our local community problem as one of non-cooperation. Not only from the community but between the Humane Society and the Local Animal Shelter. I would love to be the bridge of communication and hope that I can be of help. If anyone has any ideas, please share.