Friday, November 28, 2008

Alzheimers, Dad & Me

Even though it is too late for my Dad, Al. I hope some husband, father, brother, son, will have a cure.

This is my Dad - Al. Handsome fellow still. Always the ladies man, with sparkling blue eyes and a light and fun personality - he is still a happy guy. He just doesn't know who the heck I am. His memories have disintegrated from this terrible disease. I still have mine though... I remember him and I will be seeing him this weekend. It is hard to see him but harder not to. I miss him.


Sacred Suzie said...

For some reason the video isn't up right now which is a shame. My husband's Dad is going through the same thing, it's so hard. I'm sorry this is happening to you and your father. Hugs.

June said...

Oh thanks so much for sharing this from your heart. Your dad Al looks so lovely. I understand the pain too as my mam has the same desease. Fortunately she got it at the time when drugs to slow it down were available and still are to her but not currently to many others with the desease. My mam is a wonderful lady and she got altzheimers at age 56 around that time she was retiring from a nursing career and she knew only too well what the desease was doing to her and what was to come. That makes me saddest of all. She is still very lucid so we are lucky but her memory in short term is really bad and she has increasing periods of quiet and depression. Dad looks after her well but its hard for him too as he is now 74 and has a heart condition. Its painful for everyone and I know what it costs for you to share this with us all.
Sending warmest hugs to you and your dad
June x

June said...

Ohh also wanted to tell you that the video says its unavailable now
thanks June x

Liljeani said...

Thanks for your comments Suzie and June. I will check the link for the video - if I remember it was about Grape Seed Extract being made into a drug to help multiple aging diseases incl Alzheimers.

So sorry to hear that you both have been touched by this horrible disease, but was extremely glad to hear that June's Mom was able to slow hers down. We tried some experimental drugs with my Dad but unfortunately they didn't work. He was in a study in FL. June, 56 is so young, is she in her 70's now? I know if must be difficult for your Dad - it is always hardest on the primary care taker.

I am sending you both lots of love and healing energy :-)