Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Pics

It is sooo cold here today! I think 17 degrees. BRRRR! Here are Lily and Lukei - two of my fur babies! These were taken a few days ago.
The thermosat is at 68 degrees and my fingers are almost too cold to type. I'm telling you it is COLD!
Ok, so I'm a creature of comfort....
Does anyone watch Ghost Whisperer? I am sooo upset. I knew, I just knew they were going to kill off Jim. I am sooo sad... and then they sorta reincarnated him? My guess is the actor who played Jim is leaving the they came up with this Original idea? I can't fathom this working. I hate it! Maybe next season she will wake up and this will all be a dream and Jim (with the original actor) will be back! I hope so.
I went on the GW website and everyone is pretty upset. Don't know if the show will survive this. We miss you Jim!
Tell me your ghost stories....I'll tell you mine. I have a real one do you?


Sacred Suzie said...

I gotta say, I'm thoroughly disappointed in the show. First Jay Mohr leaves and now this actor too! This is not a good sign for the show at all.

Are you really going ghost hunting with TAPS? SWEET! Oh I envy you and hope you write about it here.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

These fur babies are adorable. I don't watch Ghost Whisperer :(

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you are thawing out from the cold!

Liljeani said...

Hi Suzie, Thanks for stopping in. Yeah, I miss Jay Mohr too - but he got his own show.. although I hope he comes back to GW soon. Ck out my good news though - I think David is staying!

I am so excited about my trip in May! We will be ghost hunting with TAPS but now sure who will be on our team! I will definately blog about it!

R u reading The Twilight series by any chance? I haven't been back to your blog yet - I was surprised how much I like them. I am off to get Eclipse soon!