Monday, May 25, 2009

Good Listen/Read

Audio Books? I love em, what about you? An idea that probably started out for the blind but expanded it's audience to readers that in instances can't read, like while they are driving or having vision problems, or maybe they just want to reminisce and imagine they are listening to an old radio serial. I'm sure there are many more reasons for audio books, but given my choice, I still prefer to read the written word when I can.

Having said this, I want to share my latest find with you. Of course, this is not a new book, for most times I find my books long after they have hit the best seller list. I love to scavenger hunt online, in bookstores, thrift shops, and we can't forget the local and not so local library. Did you know that most Library's share books? If your Library doesn't have the book you need, ask them if they can find it for you. Anyway, I digress. The title of my latest, yet not latest find, is "Dragon Tears" by Dean Koontz. If you like a mystery, then you will want to check out this book. I listened to it on my trip to Fl and found it inescapable. Lucky for me, it rained a lot while in FL, so I was stuck inside listening and listening. I think the book took 13 hours or so to tell. It was dramatically read by Jay O. Sanders.

Warning, this tale is not for the weak of heart nor stomach. It is full of imagery - sometimes extremely unpleasant imagery, psychology, magic, and a talking dog - well sort of. And although it was written in the 90's - it manages to fit in Elvis nostaligia. I give it two thumbs up!

If you've read this book, let me know your thoughts, If you haven't read this book then what are you waiting for?

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