Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cool Shot of Full Moon

I was out walking the dogs and caught a glimpse of a magnificent white full moon through our large Maple Tree. Grabbed my digital and tried every exposure, before going to manual with a tri-pod to catch this image. Nice!

The next morning the moon was a large bright yellow. I tried to catch it but it set too soon. I was sooo bummed. :-(

Peeked my interest in photography again and I found my old manual Nikon with some film still in it. Must be 10 years old - wonder if it is any good still? Think I will shoot it and see. :-)

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Dream With the Fishes said...

Oooooh, that is a GORGEOUS shot! Every time I've tried to get moon shots, they always come out blurry. I'll try it with a tripod next time. Thanks for checking out my dreamboard. It's so nice to see you again! It's been a long time. I'd love to see your dreamboard when it's done! And we've got another full moon coming up at the end of the month - a perfect way to end the year/start a new one!